Virtual reality English language learning

Equipped with speech recognition

Study abroad...
from the comfort of your home.

Literally in your pajama's

Interactive content

Fully immersive experience.

For Kids

And adults too, we dont judge!!

Introducing the Phonics-VR app.

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The most immersive language learning program!

Language is learned best when immersed in it, we're bringing this opportunity to your home

Speech recognition

PhonicsVR provides a simulated environment to practice speaking English

Instant feedback

Get feedback on how well you are speaking and track progress

Discover the world and culture

Experience what life is like in English speaking countries and how to interact in them

Progressive lessons

Learn to read, speak and listen while progressing through a systematic world-renowned curriculum

Rethinking Traditional Methods

We are bringing virtual reality immersive language English learning to Asia at an amazingly low price. As the demand for English grows so should the products. Our content and curriculum will supplement current learning and allow children to apply what they are learning. Language is not memorized, rather experienced.

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